More car buyers warned that new models arriving after Brexit could cost extra

Time 12:48 pm, February 15, 2019

VOLKSWAGEN today became the latest car manufacturer to say customers will have to foot the bill if a new import duty is introduced on their vehicles post-Brexit.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Porsche GB had warned customers that if a 10 per cent tariff is applied to imports of its cars after Brexit, the cost will be passed on. Now Volkswagen has adopted a similar policy.

A VW spokesperson confirmed that its customers and retailers had been made aware that the price of its cars may change if they arrive in the UK after a no-deal exit from the EU.

The spokesperson said: ‘Should a no-deal Brexit occur, goods imported from the EU may be subject to import duty. In this case, the price of vehicles and parts imported into the UK … may increase.

‘We strive to keep all customers as informed as possible during the buying process. This includes being clear on any potential changes outside of our control that may affect the price of the car they’re interested in purchasing. Customers will be given the opportunity, free of charge, to cancel their order should prices increase as a result of import duty changes.’

A Volkswagen dealer said: ‘Volkswagen has advised us as sales executives to tell customers to buy now if they want to ensure that the price will stay the same.

‘After Brexit, we just don’t know what will happen, and the situation is taken out of our hands as prices will more than likely inflate.’

The company explained that customers who have placed orders on or before January 31, 2019, are not affected. For Porsche, however, the policy could affect customers who ordered as long ago as January 17.

Porsche said yesterday: ‘As one potential outcome of the Brexit negotiations, there is a possibility that a duty of up to 10 per cent may be applied to cars imported into the UK after March 29.

‘In light of this, we have chosen to inform customers whose cars are likely to arrive after Brexit occurs to warn them that they may be affected by this tariff – allowing them to be fully informed at the point of sale and, if they wish, to adjust their order accordingly.’

Picture credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

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