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Car dealer avoids driving ban after being caught speeding in North Yorkshire

  • Sohail Kahn was caught speeding on the A168 in Thirsk
  • With the points he already had on his licence he could have received a driving ban
  • He told magistrates of the negative impact this would have on the business
  • He regularly has to drive between three showrooms in Gateshead, Stockton and Leeds

Time 7:09 am, September 12, 2023

A car dealership manager has avoiding a driving ban after he was caught speeding in North Yorkshire. 

Harrogate magistrates allowed Sohail Kahn, 41, of Thorpe Thewles, near Stockton-on-Tees, to keep his licence despite because it would lead to ‘exceptional hardship’ if he could not travel for work.

Kahn told magistrates that he ran three car dealerships in Gateshead, Stockton and Leeds with him estimating that he buys between £400 and £500 in fuel every month.

The car dealership worker explained that the driving he does it vital to his job, which offers sales and servicing for both cars and motorcycles.

He justified the effect him not having a licence would have on the business and why he was unable to have someone drive for him.

He pleaded guilty to speeding at Crakehill on the A168 between Dishforth and Thirsk on October 1, 2022.

With the points he already had on his licence, Kahn could have received a six month ban.

Instead he was handed three penalty points, fined £492 and ordered to pay £197 statutory surcharge and the £90 prosecution costs.

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