Car dealers in England who fail to wear a mask at work will risk fines or closure under new tighter restrictions

Time 1:19 pm, September 22, 2020

Boris Johnson announced tighter regulations today (Sep 22) to fight the coronavirus that will mean staff at car dealerships in England will have to wear a face mask.

Addressing MPs in the House of Commons, the prime minister stated that the government’s Covid-secure guidelines would also become a legal obligation for retail, with businesses that fail to comply risking fines or closure.

The new rule comes into effect this coming Thursday (Sep 24).

He said: ‘We will include the requirement to wear face masks to include all staff in retail, all users of taxis and private hire vehicles, and staff and customers in indoor hospitality except when seated at a table to eat or drink.

‘In retail, leisure and tourism and other sectors, our Covid-secure guidelines will become legal obligations. Businesses will be fined and could be closed if they breach the rules.’

Johnson said the £10,000 fines imposed on those who don’t quarantine will now also be applied to businesses breaking Covid rules.

He stressed that this was not a lockdown such as the one we saw in March but that those people who were able to work from home should, although car dealerships can remain open where people are unable to do their job from home.

He told MPs: ‘First, we are once again asking office workers who can work from home to do so. In key public services and in all professions where home working is not possible, such as construction or retail, people should continue to attend their workplaces.’

The various new restrictions will all come into force by October 1.

Johnson added that businesses should expect these restrictions to be in place for at least six months but they could become more severe if they don’t successfully bring the R rate below one.

He is due to address the nation about the new measures tonight at 8pm.

Earlier today, it was revealed that pubs and restaurants in England will have to close by 10pm as of this coming Thursday (Sep 24), as reported by Car Dealer.

This story was originally published at 1.19pm on September 22 and amended later the same day, owing to incorrect information received regarding when the new rule comes into effect.

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