Car salesman tried to kill dealer boss with Covid-19 after stealing more than £20,000 from him

3 months ago

A car salesman has been accused of attempted murder after he allegedly tried to spike his boss’ drink with Covid-19 infected saliva. 

Dealership owner Ibrahim Unverdi said he had asked salesman Ramazan Cimen to return to the office with £21,410 from the sale of a car.

However, according to the Hurriyet newspaper, he ran away with the money and gave it to a loan shark he owed.


Cimen had worked for the used car dealership in Adana, Turkey, for three years.

The dealer boss claims another member of staff said Cimen had bought saliva from someone infected with Covid-19 for £50.

Police in Turkey are now on the hunt for Cimen, while Unverdi and his family have been given police protection following threatening messages.

He told prosecutors that, after the story reached the press, the ex-salesman became angry and started to threaten him.


One message allegedly said: ‘I could not kill you with the virus. I will shot [sic] you in the head next time.’

Unverdi said: ‘I would rather he did kill me rather than trying to infect me with the virus.

‘My mother and father have a chronic illness. If he infected me with Covid-19, I could have in turn infected my family and those around me.

‘At least if he shot me in the head, I would be the only one to die. No need to be so evil.

‘Thank God the prosecutor’s office gave me protection, and they are now looking for Cimen.’

His wife Dilek has claimed Cimen also tried to do the same to her, and said she is afraid to leave the house until he’s found.

Rebecca Chaplin

Rebecca has been a motoring and business journalist since 2014, previously writing and presenting for titles such as the Press Association, Auto Express and Car Buyer. She has worked in many roles for Car Dealer Magazine’s publisher Blackball Media including head of editorial.

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