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Improve your business by catching up with the CDX Live Stage!

Time 9:00 am, June 12, 2018

AT CDX 2018 Car Dealer Magazine held 19 panels with top automotive industry guests. 

Now you can watch all of the panels on our YouTube channel by clicking play on the playlist or find the particular panel you’re looking for in the timetable below.



Cheryl Croly: Can Twitter help you sell more cars?
We speak with Twitter client partner Cheryl Croly about what’s new with the social platform and the key ways to promote your business.

Best Practice Online: Making the most of your digital shop window
The internet is changing the way we run our businesses, the way we communicate and the way we shop. This means your online branding is more important than ever before.

• Catherine Faiers, Auto Trader
• Max Stolton, Google
• Jimi Matthews, Perfect Placement
• Paul Bradley, Group 1 Automotive

Digital Car Sales: Do consumers really want to buy cars online?
In the digital age of car dealing, we’re seeing more manufacturers and dealer groups offer ways to buy cars online – but what does this mean for car dealerships?

• Brett Ward, iVendi
• Hasan Nergiz, Carwow
• Rachael Prasher, What Car?

Social Media: Is social media still a holy grail for car dealers?
As social media continues to change its parameters for what is considered ‘free’ advertising, dealerships trying to use these platforms have to adapt their businesses. Identifying where your customers are and how they use social media is the first battle.

• Cheryl Croly, Twitter
• Lee Manning, Armchair Marketing
• Tom Jaconelli, Romans International

Website Design: How can you convert page views into car sales?
Your website is your digital shop front, but how are customers finding it? We discuss what makes your website stand out, how you can sell more cars and get our panellists opinions on the dos and don’ts of website design.

• Ian Godbold, Cambria
• Drew Tyrrell, Feasa
• Alistair Jeff, GardX SpinCar
• Phill Jones,

What new technology should you be implementing at your dealership?
The physical car dealership is adapting to use more digital technologies, whether that’s interactive signs, text alerts or automated booking systems. Now dealerships are moving into virtual reality technology that helps customers see their exact car before it’s even been built. But what’s next?

• Matt Caudle, Drover
• Craig Judson, Codeweavers
• Russell Danks, Future Factory London

Digital data: How to use the information at your fingertips to increase profit
Information is vital in this data driven world. Whether it’s through your website, enquiries, mailing lists or social profiles there are plenty of ways to gather this information and use it to sell more cars.

• David Kaufman, Oracle
• Wendy Swaine, Cap HPI
• Allison Nau, Cox Automotive Data Solutions
• Nona Bowkis, Lawgistics

What consumers want: Motoring journalists give the inside story
It’s our panellists’ jobs to tell car buyers the information they need, but they also hear about what they want! Our line-up of motoring journalists tells it like it is from a consumers’ view, and you might be surprised by what they have to say!

• Jim Holder, What Car?
• Jim Murray Jones, DriveTribe

Targeting your online advertising: How do you know if it’s working?
With more online channels than ever before, eager to advertise your cars, how do you know that they’re doing the best job for your business? We talk to experts in this field to understand how you can measure the return-on-investment.

• Adnan Ebrahim, CarThrottle
• Diego Sanson, CarGurus
• Emily Shelley, Sticky Content
• Lee Williams, Vertical Intelligence

Expert panel: The future of the automotive industry
The automotive industry is facing troubling times, but will it recover? Areas of the industry are experiencing troubling times, while others are calling out for help from the government.

• Jeremy Hicks, Jaguar Land Rover
• Mike Hawes, SMMT
• Nigel McMinn, Lookers Group
• Richard Jones, Black Horse


Max Stolton: How digital assistants are influencing automotive
Max Stolton from Google explains how the way we search is changing the way we shop, and how businesses can take advantage of this.

Finance: Is the PCP bubble about to burst?
The rumour mill was spinning at the end of last year that the PCP bubble would be the next mis-selling scandal. We find out if this is something dealers still need to worry about and will this popularity of this way of financing grow. What opportunities are there in the market for new and used?

• Gwyn Jones, Blue Motor Finance
• Nigel Wray, Product Partnerships

Profit clinic: How to make more money and cut your overheads
Carefully monitoring your bottom line can save you money, but it won’t make you more. Our experts explain how more money can be made from the stock you already have.

• Dylan Haskell, GardX
• Keith Pipe, WMS
• Mark Thomas, Ridecell

Property: When is the right time to expand?
The size of your dealership has a lot of cost implications. More cars mean bigger overheads, more risk and more staff needed, but how can you know when this is the right step for your business?

• John O’Hanlon, Waylands Automotive
• Neil Smith, Imperial Cars
• Martin Forbes, Cox Automotive
• Sean Cantillon, Cedar Specialist Cars

Franchising: The virtues and difficulties of being a franchisee in 2018
Selling new cars doesn’t work in every location, and while there can be huge wins, it’s not without its struggles and takes dedication for the brand to be successful. Our panellists discuss when is the right time to take on a franchise and knowing which brands will work for you.

• Nick Laird, SsangYong
• Ken Savage, Perrys
• Will Blackshaw, Blackshaws

Merging the channels: How to bring online customers in store
When your website has become your virtual shopfront, how do you convert those visitors in to footfall at your showroom. We talk to experts in this field when it comes to advertising stock, and how you can do a large part of the sale before meeting the customer.

• Brett Ward, iVendi
• Rebecca Sides, Inchcape Mercedes
• Neil Smith, Imperial Car Sales
• Max Stolton, Google

Recruitment: What do employees want?
With many dealerships looking outside of the industry for staff with retail and customer service experience to sell their cars, where can you find the best employees and how can you keep them. We discuss how much onus is on the employer to keep staff happy and what makes a great car dealer.

• Jimi Matthews, Perfect Placement
• John Tordoff, JCT600
• Zara Ross, Ben

End of the salesman? How customer service can help sell more cars
The role of the car dealer is changing. As showrooms move towards geniuses rather than sales people, does it really work? We find out from experts what the future is for the industry and whether there’s room for the traditional dealer.

• Ken Savage, Perrys
• Prof Jim Saker, Loughborough University
• Russell Danks, Future Factory London

Sourcing: Where can you get the best stock at the right price?
When it comes to running a car dealership, the one thing you can’t do without is good stock. We talk about sourcing stock, remarketing and how this can all make you more money.

• Martin Forbes, Cox Automotive
• Rupert Pontin, Cazana
• Richard Hollis, Jardine Motors Group
• James Dower, ADESA

Expert panel: The future of the physical car dealership
A KPMG survey earlier this year found that 75 per cent of automotive executives thought that by 2025, half of dealerships would disappear. But is the forecast really that bleak? And what does the future really hold? This panel session will take place at 3.30pm on Day 2.

• Paul Singleton, Ford
• John O’Hanlon, Waylands Automotive
• John Tordoff, JCT600
• Natasha Patel, KPMG

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