#CitiTour Day Two: Bratislava, Vienna, Prague

Time 6:48 pm, May 30, 2012

TO be completely honest, the thought of 1200 miles in a 1.0-litre city car wasn’t exactly thrilling me prior to embarking on our #CitiTour.

But after spending a good eight hours ensconced in Skoda’s baby, I’ll quite happily admit I’ve fallen a little bit in love with it.

There’s something ever so special about wringing a low-powered, three-cylinder engine along the motorways on the way to and from three of Europe’s stunning capital cities.

We left Bratislava this morning for the short hop across the border to Austria and the capital city Vienna. Amongst the trams and tourists the little Citigo was a delight, bouncing over bumps and singing its happy three-pot thrum.

I’m staggered at just how good it is. Inside it feels big for a city car and the noise insulation on the motorways is top-notch. It’s got a corking stereo and (when it works) the sat nav is pretty nifty too. It even lets me play my music from my iPhone via Bluetooth. Much to Batch’s disgust.

We’re now in Prague, the third city on our trip, and from what I’ve seen of it it’s stunning. We’re off now to check out the pool – and hopefully they’ll be a noticeable lack of naked people. Until tomorrow…


Batch’s blog

I’M writing this with a beer at my side and thinking what an extraordinary day it has been.

In fact, the day never really ‘began’. Thanks to a large dosage of snores a la Baggott I’ve only had around 30 minutes snoozing.

But enough of the bitterness. Today was the first day of our long-haul drive back to the UK in Skoda’s new Citigo, and it’s really been a tale of three cities.

We left the city of Bratislava (or Bratters as I like to call it) this morning and headed to Vienna for a spot of sight-seeing. It was here we were treated to the delights of Vienna’s St. Stephen Cathedral. Think Lego and you’ll have a good idea of how it looks.

But what really impressed Baggott wasn’t the amazing architecture, it was the fact the horses had hats on. He really is a philistine.

Vienna’s quaint streets were soon in our rear-view mirror by mid-afternoon as we set Skoda’s home town into our sat-nav.

A series of motorways and fast- flowing Austrian countryside roads allowed us to find out how the Citigo feels out of its comfort zone. And, as you’ll know from the Ed’s blog above, we were impressed on all fronts.

A few stop-offs and a short delay courtesy of an accident on said Austrian countryside road later (which was expertly and speedily cleared up by the Austrian rozzers; petty comments referring to not a Highways Agency Landcruiser in sight shall not be made), and we’ve made it to Prague. The third pretty city in a row.

But before I talk about that let me get some shut-eye. Did I mention I’ve only had 30 minutes of snoozage?

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