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Commission disclosures bigger issue than expected in 2021 as solicitors look for new PPI

  • This week on the Car Dealer Podcast managing director of Lawgistics Joel Combes is our guest
  • He shares the biggest issues the legal firm has been dealing with
  • Lawgistics has now taken on someone to deal with financial issues like commission disclosure after it has gained more attention
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Time 1 month ago

Car dealers have been facing new legal challenges in 2021 following an FCA report on commission, says Lawgistics MD Joel Combes.

Speaking on this week’s Car Dealer Podcast, he commented on how commissions disclosures have become a bigger problem than the firm originally thought.

Combes said: ‘Commission disclosures have been coming in faster than we thought.

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‘I know we talked about this at the beginning of the year and how we thought this would happen but there was a report by the FCA about non-compliance and requirements of a disclosure agreement. That sparked off a few letters coming in and now we’ve actually taken someone on who deals with the financial side for us.

‘We’re batting them off, as it would be. The solicitors have got onto this because it’s like the new PPI.’

He explained that in their terms and conditions, car dealers should have said that if they asked for details of commission they would be given it and in the FCA report it has said this needs to be prominent.

‘Solicitors jumped on that and said dealers have been misleading because they haven’t made it prominent,’ he said. ‘So really there is no news here because they were doing it properly, but they haven’t brought it to the forefront of their terms and conditions.

‘That’s the letters we’re getting in. They’re really chancers.’

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