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Cult Car 20: Bentley Flying Spur

Time 11:41 am, February 13, 2010

bentley2BRIDES traditionally have a habit of being late to weddings. It’s almost accepted: the nudges in the crowd, the nervous groom, the best man getting into the spirit of a few lunchtime beers by winding up the groom (and that’s before his hilarious ‘lost the ring’ joke). 

However, even the most disorganised bride would have trouble being late for her wedding if the car was one of these: the Bentley Flying Spur.

That’s because it’s based on the 200mph Continental GT Speed. Yes, the same Bentley that uses a 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbo engine, delivered to the ground via all four wheels.

In the Speed version, it pumps out 600bhp, which is good for 60mph in a veil-flailing 4.5
seconds. It can go fast, corner hard, outrun almost anything on the road – yet still has space in the back for a bride, a huge dress and a father of the bride fully limbered up to punch the groom if he does anything to upset his little girl on her big day.

Car Dealer Magazine recently put this theory to the test, by borrowing the cult car from Bentley. See, the editor’s brother was getting married.

So, James did the only decent thing for his little bro, and made fully sure his prospective bride would be at the church exactly when she was meant to be. 

Call it the editorial mind at work: deadlines have to be met. Everything has to be planned. Nothing can be left to chance. The thought of leaving things to an old Rolls was just not on. 



Enter instead a leather-lined, four-door Bentley, with sober styling boasting just the subtlest hints of Speed. These cues include 20-inch Speed alloys, lowered sports air suspension and the most intricate dark chrome grille imaginable. It’s LED lights at the rear, Bi-Xenons at the front, and a monster set of Bentley-branded brake discs to guarantee stopping outside the church in the EXACT spot ordered by the photographer.

After the ceremony, James’ new sister-in-law reported back indulgence from the full-width rear seat, which was both heated and had lumber massage, to gear her up for the big day.  

Stately, dignified, cultured and very, very fast, the Bentley Flying Spur Speed really is the performance car you could turn up for your own wedding in. It’s now recorded for longevity in the Baggott family album, ensuring the cult car will become an additional underground cult for years to come. 

The bride wasn’t late, the bridegroom was done proud, and the bridegroom’s brother had the most amazing weekend once they were safely at the airport. Fancy some of the same? You’ll be needing £137,000 to do so. Mind you, compared to the cost of the wedding, that’s a drop in the ocean…

Bentley Flying Spur

Price: £137,000

Engine: 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12

Power: 600bhp @ 6000rpm

0-60mph: 4.5secs

Max: 200mph

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James is the founder and editor-in-chief of Car Dealer Magazine, and CEO of parent company Baize Group. James has been a motoring journalist for more than 20 years writing about cars and the car industry.

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