Holdcroft Nissan cardiac arrestHoldcroft Nissan cardiac arrest


Customer reunited with hero sales controller who saved his life after suffering cardiac arrest in showroom

  • Dealership staff revived customer after he collapsed in Holdcroft Nissan Crewe
  • Cameron Love used the defibrillator installed at the dealership
  • John Ryder has been recovering in hospital and recently returned to the dealership to meet the man who saved his life

Time 10:50 am, June 16, 2022

A car sales controller has been reunited with a customer whose life he saved after suffering a cardiac arrest at the Nissan dealership. 

Cameron Love, 28, who works at Holdcroft Nissan Crewe, was quick to react when customer John Ryder collapsed in the showroom.

Using a defibrillator installed at the dealership, Love provided emergency treatment and stayed with the customer until paramedics arrived.

He took control of the whole situation, even marshalling other customers and colleagues during the drama.

Service advisor Mandy Everall also played an important role, liaising with paramedics on the telephone during the incident.

Ryder was taken to hospital by ambulance and has since undergone major heart surgery but he was able to return recently to the dealership to meet with the man who saved his life.

Recalling the incident, Love said: ‘I was at the photocopier, minding my own business, and I heard a commotion – a customer in the showroom was unfortunately on the floor and not breathing.

‘Another customer had started CPR, then I put the defibrillator on the patient and delivered an electric shock.

‘Luckily, we managed to revive him. My colleague Mandy was amazing – her help on the phone was invaluable and we cleared the area ready for the ambulance crew.’Holdcroft Nissan cardiac arrest

Cameron was awarded a special Dealer Ambassador prize by Nissan after being nominated by senior colleagues Brian Davison, regional aftersales manager, and Luke Regan, franchise director at Holdcroft Nissan.

The nomination paid tribute to his prompt action, explaining that ‘his skill and quick action saved the man’s life. He was calm under pressure and controlled the environment including other members of staff and customers. He was a real hero.’

Ryder’s memory of the incident is understandably hazy but he said: ‘Cameron did an excellent job. I am enormously grateful to him and the bonus was that the garage didn’t charge me for my service!’

After several days in hospital, Ryder, 82, underwent a triple heart bypass operation and has been recuperating at his home in Macclesfield in recent weeks. He and his wife Winifred are now looking forward to celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary next year.

A North West Ambulance Service spokesperson said: ‘We commend Cameron for providing immediate care for Mr Ryder.

‘In situations like this, every minute matters, and we’re delighted to hear about the happy outcome. We would encourage everyone to learn CPR and other first-aid skills, as you never know if you might need to provide life-saving treatment to a family member, friend or even a stranger in an emergency.’

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