Dealers ‘need to work to attract younger and female buyers’

Time 9:50 am, February 12, 2016

THE experts at have issued new statistics showing where buyers source cars.

While the majority of car buyers consider using an independent (54 per cent) or franchised dealership (50 per cent), over a third (34 per cent) would consider purchasing from a private seller.

Interestingly, it’s men who are more likely to purchase a car from a franchised dealership. Women are more likely to buy from a private seller (39 per cent) compared to men (30 per cent), or an independent car dealership – 57 per cent compared to 52 per cent of men.

Car-buying is also a generational game. Those aged 35-54 are more likely to buy from an independent car dealership than any other source, while almost half (49 per cent) of younger buyers, those aged 18-34, are willing to consider buying from a private seller.

In fact, 18- to 34-year-olds are almost twice as likely than those aged 45-54 (14 per cent compared to 26 per cent) to go down the private seller route.

This research shows that there is a continued need to attract more women and younger buyers into dealerships and this will mean overcoming existing perceptions.

Peter Watts, director of dealer insight at, said: ‘These findings reaffirm that many younger and female buyers still feel that dealerships can be daunting places that are the domain of older males experienced in purchasing cars.

‘We would all like to see a greater number of buyers perusing forecourts and completing sales and there is a clear opportunity to make this a reality if we appeal more to female and young buyers.’ carried out this research with more than 700 consumers across the UK to uncover the reasons behind their car buying decisions.

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