Disinfected used cars are more important to buyers than price cuts and home deliveries

Time 4:22 pm, October 1, 2020

Disinfected used cars are more important than cut prices as car buyers look for cleanliness in light of to the coronavirus.

A survey by eBay Motors Group has found a third of buyers rate cleanliness as the number one service used car dealers can offer.

That assurance that a car has been properly sanitised is more important to buyer confidence than anything else and is especially important to female buyers, found the survey.

Marc Robinson, head of external sales at eBay Motors Group, said: ‘Our research shows just how important assurances around comprehensive disinfection services provided by dealers are to buyers; even ahead of securing a price reduction.

‘Since being allowed to reopen, dealers have been cognisant of the need to strictly adhere to hygiene rules in their showrooms for all to see. 

‘While it is obviously important to extend these considerations to the cars they are selling, they also need to communicate this to customers through their online marketing and at the point of sale.’

eBay Motors Group polled 529 visitors to the site during August and September for the survey.

Asked what type of services would most increase their levels of confidence in used car dealers, a third (33.1 per cent) cited thorough car cleaning ahead of price reductions at 20.6 per cent.

Also in the top five considerations were free return periods (8.1 per cent), attractive financing options (6.4 per cent), followed by home deliveries at 5.7 per cent.

Robinson added: ‘In these uncertain times, hygiene and sanitisation is the new norm and an accepted reality of the new norm – it’s becoming table stakes and if retailers don’t show customers they have high standards then they may not have the confidence to buy. 

‘We recommend dealers communicate the measures they have in place clearly and consistently to potential buyers. 

‘Our data shows that car buyers remain highly active, but dealers will need to be flexible to provide additional confidence to consumers.’

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