Why every motorist should take an advanced driving test…

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paul williams ssangyongWE all get so frustrated when we see obvious examples of bad driving that we hurl obscenities at the windscreen. Right? Or is it just me…?

But one manufacturer boss has come up with a novel idea – make everyone take an advanced driving test.

Car Dealer was out at the Geneva Motor Show in force (you can read all about our exploits in the next magazine, out in a week or so) and we hit upon an idea of asking each person we interviewed what they’d do if they could be transport minister for a day.

Paul Williams, CEO of SsangYong UK, had a great answer.

‘I would introduce advanced driver training for everybody,’ he said.

‘The amount of time and delay and waste because of incompetent drivers is awful.

‘I’m doing more than 50,000 miles a year and there’s no end of frustration with wasted time because too many people are incapable of using complicated machinery.

‘Make everyone take an advanced driving test. It’s would sort out the frustration of delays, be better for the environment, and be safer.

‘I’d also review speed limits. I think people would be happy to drive slower in towns, and faster on motorways.

‘How many times have you driven along the M6 and there’s nobody on it? Why shouldn’t you drive faster then? You’re not doing anyone any harm.

‘I’d raise the limit to 140kph – sub-90mph – on a motorway which is traffic-free. But with the advanced training for everyone, if there’s a 50 limit and people don’t stick to it, they should be taken away and shot and their licence should be taken away. Treat people like adults on the basis that you expect them to behave like adults.’

Wow – sensible thinking! The Vote Williams campaign starts here…

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