GardX International acquires successful customer communication centre, Calls4U

Sponsored: GardX International confirms the purchase of customer communication centre, Calls4U in order to enhance large range of automotive solutions

Time 1 month ago

GardX International has acquired successful customer communication centre, Calls4U, to enhance and promote its large range of automotive solutions.

GardX bosses say they are excited to announce they are increasing their omni channel engagement solutions by offering dealers inbound and outbound telephone services.

The firm’s Automotive Solutions helps dealers to connect with their customers at all stages of the car buying journey no matter the time or location.

The acquisition of Calls4U allows GardX to enhance its follow-up communications which also include text messages, emails and videos.

With many years of contact centre experience GardX has been able to put together a full spectrum of services that can be tailored to a dealer’s individual needs.

The service is supported by a robust reporting system to demonstrate true ROI across the whole of the car buying and ownership journey.

Victor Coutin, GardX, managing director, said: ‘We continually strive to keep ahead of the game with our powerful and innovative solutions in the automotive sector.

‘Utilising our B2See Video platform to resolicit customers post sale, pre delivery, the next step in the journey was to acquire a well-established inbound and outbound communication centre which will further increase dealers’ conversions of F&I products.’

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