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GardX International Ltd announces partnership with Kwikcast

Time 10:00 am, October 1, 2020

Kwikcast is a mobile app that allows you to perform one-way live video streams from your mobile device to any other mobile device.

With the added ability to record your live stream and uniquely ‘reverse’ the direction of the stream to receive a live video recording from the other mobile device, it is the ideal remote car presentation and part-exchange valuation tool.

Kwikcast is much faster and easier to use than most video-streaming technologies and, more importantly, doesn’t require the other party to have an app installed.

The technology can work from an Apple device to all other operating systems, meaning you are not reliant upon the customer having specific devices or apps installed.

Victor Lloyd Coutin, director of GardX AD-Vantage, said: ‘Consumer demand for “remote in-dealer” experiences is accelerating and car dealers are moving rapidly to adapt to a new reality.

‘Now more than ever, the digital showroom and consumer engagement is critical to dealers’ success as they can no longer rely on people visiting showrooms.

‘We are excited to partner with Kwikcast to add yet another valuable technology to further extend GardX’s suite of digital solutions for the industry.’

James Fox, head of business development at Kwikcast, said: ‘Being a strong leader in automotive technologies makes GardX the perfect partner for Kwikcast.

‘The simplicity of the Kwikcast technology to distribute, install, train and use along with its proven record in securing new and used car sales is making it the number one choice for dealers throughout the UK, and with the GardX partnership also now internationally.

‘Having the ability to accurately and remotely appraise a part-exchange is also proving to be invaluable in these new times.

‘The recording capability, and no need for customers to have apps installed, means there aren’t any restrictions on remote mobile-to-mobile engagements, whether the customer is connecting via Apple or Android devices.’

To find out more information on Kwikcast and to schedule a meeting, please contact [email protected].

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