Guest blog: How do you interview? by Jimi Matthews

Time 11:24 am, April 16, 2018

IT’S NOT often that I quote, or even paraphrase Ivanka Trump, but here goes.

On advice to interviewees ‘A word of advice – your interview is about you. It’s not about the school you went to, what you majored in, what your GPA was, or who your parents happen to be or know.

‘Most of that stuff is right on your resume, and it might even have gotten you into the room, but it won’t get you much farther.’

Ignoring both the Americanisms and grammar, what we see is an expectation of an interviewee. They are expecting something different to an investigation into and about their CV.

So, why is this the norm, especially in a motor trade interview?

Nobody is an expert interviewer, especially if you are already as expert sales manager, service manager or bodyshop manager. Having two specialisms might be too much to ask – after all, you get paid to be the manager, and an expert one at that, so why would anyone expect you to be an expert interviewer too?

Well, the good news is you can learn – after all, you must be quite a good interviewee to be where you are anyway, and this is a good place to start!

By demand from retail dealers, this year’s CDX will be hosting two workshops, which we advise all hiring managers to attend.

The theme of these workshops will be to turn the average and good interviewer into the brilliant and expert.

You’ll learn:
• What interviewees think is a good interview.
• What the best interviewers do differently.
• How to improve your interview to offer accept ratio.
• What to ask and what not to.
• The killer question that will determine whether or not you hire.
• Plus, how to avoid feedback such as: ‘I felt as though I was on trial for CV fraud!’

If you are often the person in the chair asking the questions, and want to make sure that when the interview end,s the interviewee is asking you for the job, then you NEED to be in this workshop.

Book your free tickets here!

Written by Jimi Matthews, director of business development at Perfect Placement

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