Guest blog: Put the plug in – the talent is escaping, by Jimi Matthews

Time 2:24 pm, March 12, 2018

ANYONE who has run a business will know that losing your best performer can cripple the dynamics of your team.

Not only are productivity and profits lost, but that experience and assistance to the team is gone forever. The cost can be intangible and often isn’t truly felt until the person’s replacement is looked for.

Not all staff turnover is bad, however. Indeed, a low level of retention can be good for a business, as new people bring with them fresh ideas and different approaches to the role.

That said, every business needs a strategy in place for retaining its high performers – the ones that add to the company’s competitive edge.

While ignoring low-level turnover can be a good thing, the flip-side of this coin is that ignoring high levels can be destructive – not only internally, where it can lower morale, but externally, with your business’ reputation and customer loyalty at stake.

At this years’ CDX, we’ll be hosting a workshop on this key subject, discussing why good people leave, how you can recognise the signs of them leaving and what you can do to ‘put the plug in’.

If you are genuinely interested in running a profitable and growth-orientated automotive business, then you need to be in on this discussion.

Spaces will be limited, but the workshop is on both days. You need to be there!

Book you free tickets now!

Written by Jimi Matthews, director of business development at Perfect Placement

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