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Problem Solver: How using your own website to buy used cars can ease restocking problems

Time 12:00 pm, September 28, 2020

Used car dealers should think about setting up a strategy to buy used cars from customers to help avoid empty forecourts.

With used cars selling well and becoming increasingly difficult to buy for the right price, car dealers should consider setting up a landing page on their websites to offer to buy second hand cars.

In the first of a new video series, called Car Dealer Problem Solvers, Sentience Automotive Solutions boss Ali May-Khalil gives his top tips to used car dealers for restocking their forecourts.

May-Khalil and his team work with a variety of used car dealers – but predominately help advise those stocking around 35-70 used cars.

Speaking to Car Dealer founder James Baggott, May-Khalil explains that those dealers that have set up a car buying page on their website and focussed some advertising spend on it have managed to buy cars in and save money on auction fees.

Social campaigns

He also explained how a social media campaign could boost sales.

Speaking about one of his clients which put £300 behind a campaign to buy used German and Swedish cars on Facebook, he reveals how they managed to buy 11 cars and save money on auction fees in the process.

And May-Khalil also explains how simply looking back at your database of sold cars – be that on a digital dealer management system or in paper form – and calling customers and offering to buy their cars can result in success too.

‘Allocating time in your diary to buying stock is crucial,’ explains May-Khalil.

‘Do you need good salespeople? No. Do you need to be a good closer? No, nonsense. What you really need is a strategy to buy.

‘I’d spend more time focussing on a landing page, retention and social media – fill your forecourt with good stuff and if you do a good job of advertising through your normal channels you’ll sell it.’

You can watch the full episode of Car Dealer Problem Solvers by clicking on the video at the top of this page.

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