Hyundai wants fleet sales

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hyundai-aspires-to-fleet-salesFLEET car sales in the UK take over half the market – yet Hyundai currently only commands less than a third.

Company MD Tony Whitehorn plans to change this, by introducing a range of fleet programmes in UK dealers.

The Korean brand is introducing a small business programme for small businesses and local companies. This will be run through dealers, but with ‘big’ support from Hyundai UK.

The corporate sales network dealers will only have to invest in a member of staff. Hyundai then supplies sales leads, makes marketing calls, helps with a demonstrator fleet – even goes along to help train the dealer if necessary.

The initial target would be local businesses. The MD says there are lots of opportunities for the Korean brand here. But further potential is in daily rental, he says. ‘At the moment, we do none whatsoever – zero.

‘However, when handled correctly, there are benefits. It’s certainly a marketing opportunity, with customers getting a ‘free’ test drive.

‘Also, all cars are sold on buy-back. We can therefore use these to help car dealers’ used divisions. At the moment, we don’t have many used cars in stock.’

It won’t be huge numbers, Whitehorn reassures dealers. This will be to ensure retained values remain strong.

However, he reveals that some of the larger fleets, such as Europcar and Hertz, are actually targeting Hyundai. They’re asking to take Hyundais – ‘we’re taking on the Fiesta, and this is something we simply wouldn’t have been able to do 3 years ago.’

By the end of 2009, Whitehorn would like to see 10-15 dealers in the fleet programmed. ‘Ultimately, we should have around 40 in 3 years’ time.’

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