Infiniti's VIP services

Time 8:06 am, October 23, 2008

INFINITI is finally rolling out its cars to the European press… and also revealing more hints about its ‘premium’ dealership experience.

Mondial Assistance will provide high-end mobility and VIP services for the brand across European, as part of Infiniti’s trademark ‘Total Ownership Experience’.

The breakdown recovery provider will offer a package that’s customer-focused, rather than vehicle-focused. Stress, promises Infiniti customer service director Gaëlle Le Grouiec, will be completely removed – in, we’re told, a subtle, professional and individualised way.

We like the use of the term ‘subtle’… and also note that Infiniti refers to such incidents as a ‘key moment of truth’. Cars such as this shouldn’t break down. How the aftermath is dealt with if they do determines the impression left.

Simon Cook, International Automotive Sales Director, Mondial Assistance, said: ‘This is a hugely exciting win for Mondial Assistance because Infiniti is a major new brand that is bringing a completely new and unique ownership experience to motorists across Europe.

‘Infiniti is a prestige manufacturer that places the emphasis on the ownership experience and Mondial Assistance has been selected because of our proven ability to deliver world-class service and our track record of delivering on our commitments to prestige clients.’

The news comes as the brand releases first shots of its slinky new G37 Convertible. The drop-top four-seater debuts at next Month’s LA Motor Show, before going on sale in 2009.

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