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Land Rover models make used car dealers the most profit – with Evoque topping the list

  • Latest data for August shows Land Rover still top of the pile for profit margin
  • Evoque makes second-hand car dealers the most, closely followed by Discovery Sport
  • BMW models secure three places in Dealer Auction’s top 10 

Time 7:28 am, September 14, 2023

Used car dealers made the most profit selling Range Rover Evoque models last month, according to the latest data.

Second-hand versions of the popular 4×4 made car dealers an average of £4,130 – narrowly beating another Land Rover, the Discovery Sport, into second place.

Dealer Auction’s Retail Margin Monitor uses data from its trade sales platform, which allows dealers to sell to each other at trade prices, along with data from retail sales platform Auto Trader. 

By cross-referencing the price the used cars sold for in trade auctions with the price they were advertised to consumers, the platform can work out the average profit made on each model.

In second place in August’s list was the Land Rover Discovery Sport, making dealers an average of £4,120.

Land Rover was also the top manufacturer for margins overall, making used car dealers an average of £3,800 – comfortably beating BMW into second place by £800.

Dealer Auction said BMW models offered ‘significant opportunities’ for car dealers this summer, with three models from the German brand in the top 10.

The 3 Series, 1 Series and X1 made it into the top 10 list, all making resellers more than £2,780 profit.

Dealer Auction’s marketplace director, Kieran TeeBoon, said: ‘The success of BMW products in August – and the fact that BMW hatchbacks, saloons and SUVs all performed well – is a real attention-grabber, as the top 10 often features a wide spread of brands and is dominated by SUVs. 

‘As dealers vie for buyers’ attention, it’s unique opportunities for profit like these that will help them attract new business as we move into autumn.

‘Our Retail Margin Monitor gives dealers tangible evidence of the most profitable vehicles and shows them how their stock stacks up against consumer demand.’

Most profitable used cars

Source: August data, average profit margin, Dealer Auction Retail Margin Monitor

1. Range Rover Evoque – £4,130

2. Land Rover Discovery Sport – £4,120

3. Mitsubishi Outlander – £3,650

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4. Volvo XC60 – £3,270

5. Mazda CX-5 – £3,020

6. Mercedes-Benz A-Class – £2,900

7. BMW 3 Series – £2,850

8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class – £2,800

9. BMW 1 Series – £2,790

=10. Hyundai Tucson (tied) – £2,780

=10. BMW X1 (tied) – £2,780

Most profitable car brands

Source: August data, average profit margin, Dealer Auction Retail Margin Monitor

1. Land Rover – £3,800

2. BMW – £3,000

3. Mercedes-Benz – £2,900

4. Volvo – £2,800

5. Audi – £2,700

6. Mini – £2,570

7. Volkswagen – £2,300

8. Mazda – £2,295

9. Nissan – £2,260

10. Kia – £2,200

Commenting on the date, Auto Trader’s director of data and insights, Richard Walker, added: ‘The current retail market is incredibly nuanced and volatile at the moment, with headline figures masking the underlying health of the used car market.

‘As the data shows, there are still very strong pricing pockets available – the demand is there, so if retailers use data to buy them and to sell them at the right price, there’s plenty of profit potential available.’

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