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Loc8tor Lite helps you find lost keys

Time 12 years ago

loc8tor-and-tag-hi-resLOSING your keys has got to be up there as one of the most annoying things that can happen.

We can’t explain quite how those vital metal objects manage to hide themselves 30 seconds after you put them down, but we can offer a solution to the problem!

The credit-card sized Loc8tor Lite is perfect for mislaying missing objects. You simply attach one of the supplied two homing tags to your keys and the Loc8tor points you in the right direction with a series of lights and beeps when you press the find button.

The only problem is the chance of losing the handset, but fortunately it comes with a wall mounting bracket so you always know where you left it!

Price: £45

Contact: 0870 111 7777,


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