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Maximise your website’s potential, expand your online reach and transform your business at CDX

Time 3:05 pm, February 27, 2018

DAY one of CDX puts the focus on pushing your dealership into the future of digital dealerships with exclusive panels about new strategies, products and information.

The industry is changing as consumers use the internet throughout their car buying journey – even when they’re not even thinking about buying a car.

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To help you learn how to capitalise on this, Day One of the Car Dealer Live Stage will feature a host of panels with dealership owners, manufacturer bosses and industry experts. They will also be sharing their insight on the future of the industry in the sessions listed below.

Taking place on Day Two of CDX, at Manchester Central Convention Complex on May 21 and 22, our panels will be talking about the future of the physical forecourt and how dealers can improve profits with some simple changes – but we’ll be announcing more details about that next week!

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Best practice online

Making the most of your digital shop window
The internet is changing the way we run our businesses, the way we communicate and the way we shop. This means your online branding is more important than ever before, as customers can find you across the web this has become your virtual shop window.

Key takeaways:
• What you should include
• Where you should be focussing your time
• How to engage with customers online

Social media

Is social media still a holy grail for car dealers?
As social media continues to change its parameters for what is considered ‘free’ advertising, dealerships trying to use these platforms have to adapt their businesses. Identifying where your customers are and how they use social media is the first battle.

Key takeaways:
• Which social platform has the best reach for my business?
• Should I use social media to engage or advertise my dealership?
• Do I need to spend money on social platforms and where is it best spent?

Website design

How can you convert pageviews into car sales?
Your website is your digital shop front, but how are customers finding it? We discuss what makes your website stand out, how you can sell more cars and get our panellists opinions on the dos and don’ts of website design.

Key takeaways:
• How customers find your website?
• How customers use your website?
• What puts a customer off your website?
• The must haves – do you need to worry about SEO and PPC?

Transformational tech

What new technology should you be implementing at your dealership?
The physical car dealership is adapting to feature more digital technology, whether that’s interactive signs, text alerts or automated booking systems. Now dealerships are moving into virtual reality technology that helps customers see their exact car before it’s even been built. But what’s next?

Key takeaways:
• The new products and services available to dealerships
• How dealerships are adapting to meet technology trends
• How these products sell cars

The future

What does the future hold for the automotive industry?
The automotive industry is facing troubling times, but will it recover? Areas of the industry are experiencing prosperous times, while others are calling out for help from the government.

Key takeaways:
• What can we expect from the automotive industry in the future?
• What changes are we facing?
• How can dealerships adapt?

Digital data

How to use the information at your fingertips to increase profits
Information is vital in this data driven world. Whether it’s through your website, enquiries, mailing lists or social profiles there are plenty of ways to gather this information and use it to sell more cars.

Key takeaways:
• Who are your customers and what can you learn from existing data?
• Simple ways to gain information about your audience or potential customers
• Your rights when it comes to GDPR

Digital Car Sales

Do consumers really want to buy cars online?
In the digital age of car dealing, we’re seeing more manufacturers and dealer groups offer ways to buy cars online – but what does this mean for car dealerships?

Key takeaways:
• Why do we need online car sales?
• What part do dealers play in this
• Predictions for the future of this technology

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