Motorists prepared to invest in cars with increased safety

Time 8:56 am, August 14, 2013

72417vol-City SafetyUK motorists are prepared to invest up to £26bn in vehicles, which include enhanced safety features, according to Auto Trader’s Owner’s Guide.

Auto Trader surveyed 3,000 motorists for the Owners’ Guide, revealing that more than half of motorists in the UK, at 55 per cent, are prepared to invest large amounts in a vehicle with enhanced safety features.

Of those surveys, 88 per cent of motorists believe safety is an essential factor when buying a car. This is particularly the case for new motorists aged 17-24 years old – who are involved in more than 400 fatal crashes each year in the UK – with 68 per cent saying that would pay more for a car with advanced safety technologies in comparison to just 49 per cent of 55-64 years olds.

Meanwhile, 81 per cent of those would be willing to spend up to £2,000 more on safety features such as advanced accident avoidance systems, showing a potential £26bn extra investment in the new car market.

According to the report, motorists fear that high-tech gadgets will in fact prove a hazardous distraction to some drivers, as a majority of 81 per cent of motorists surveyed think features such as interactive dashboards and hands-free technology could cause more harm than good.

When looking at car manufacturers drivers identify most with safety, results revealed that Volvo came out at the top of the list with almost a third choosing it above any other manufacturer. According to the survey, the top-five manufacturers motorists associate most with safety are:


1. Volvo – 32 per cent

2. Mercedes-Benz – 17 per cent

3. BMW – nine per cent

4. Volkswagen – six per cent

5. Audi – six per cent


Group marketing director at Auto Trader, Jonathan Williams, said: ‘Gradual improvements in the wider economy have had a significant impact on consumers’ ability and willingness to spend when it comes to buying a new car; noticeably investing more in advanced safety features.’

He added: ‘It is clear however, that there is a relatively low understanding of some of the more advanced safety features available today, which is why we are launching a ‘Safety Week’ initiative on where motorists can learn more.’

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