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Motorway’s new Recommended Sort helps dealers find right stock even faster

Sponsored: Ollie Grummell, commercial director at Motorway, explains how a new function powered by AI will make life much easier for car dealers when finding the vehicles they want


Time 7:41 am, December 22, 2023

At Motorway, we are laser-focused on making the dealer experience even better.

We know that finding the right vehicle quickly is a top priority for our dealer partners.

As such, we are launching Recommended Sort to help dealers find the right stock even faster.

Recommended Sort is a new sort order, powered by AI, that takes into account unique dealer preferences, presenting them with the most relevant results at the top and making it quicker than ever to find the right vehicles for them.

Why have we launched this now?

With more cars than ever on the platform, dealers have a huge inventory to look through.

While so much choice of quality stock is obviously a good thing, we know that dealers just don’t have time to sift through all the vehicles on the platform.

Until now, we’ve helped dealers find stock through features such as filtering and saved searches, but we really wanted to explore even greater personalisation of the vehicle list based on the historic purchase data we have about each of our dealer partners.

Our engineering team have used AI to develop a specific data model in Recommended Sort that reacts to an individual dealer’s views, bids, shortlisting and purchasing behaviour to personalise their results.

Dealers will automatically see their most relevant vehicles first, find high-margin stock faster and spot new stock opportunities to buy more efficiently.

By personalising the vehicle list for the dealer, they will now see the vehicles that are most applicable to them at the top of the list, decreasing the time spent searching for stock.

Recommended Sort will now be automatically applied when dealers visit the live sale and will work alongside other filters that dealers have applied.

We’re thrilled to launch this new feature and are excited to see the impact this smart tech has on our dealer partners as we move into 2024.

Whatever stock you are looking for, Motorway has thousands of exclusive, privately owned used vehicles to buy every week – sign up to Motorway here.

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