The 2020 Go-karting Kings! Challenge champions delighted with their triumph

Time 4:40 pm, March 5, 2020

THE team from Nick King Cars were not surprisingly delighted with their triumph at the final of the Car Dealer Magazine Go-karting Challenge, held in association with Close Brothers Motor Finance.

Hailing from Gloucestershire, the team comprised Robin Haines and Tom Couldren from Nick King Car Sales in Gloucester and James Arnold from Painswick Valley Car Sales, a few miles away near the town of Stroud.

Talking to Car Dealer after lifting the 2020 Go-karting Challenge Trophy, Arnold said: ‘We took part last year and we didn’t do quite so well so with a little bit of practice, we’ve come back and done better this year. We’re pretty pleased.’

Asked if they could confirm the rumours of the cheeky practice sessions they had been doing, the guys laughed as they chorused ‘never…’

And discussing the team plan they had adopted before the race began, Couldren explained: ‘Our aim was to avoid mistakes – no black flags. We nearly came undone with black flags in the heat we took part in, in Cardiff – but we had two black flags and we still managed to win.

Haines added: ‘Black flags cost you so much time and a crash can cost you 30 seconds. We said to each other, whatever you do, don’t crash – and we didn’t to be fair, we had a fairly textbook race the whole way through.’

The final marked the culmination of the second annual Car Dealer Magazine Go-karting Challenge held in association with Close Brothers Motor Finance.

Speaking on behalf of Close Brothers, Brian Williamson, area manager for Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Herefordshire, said: ‘It’s been a real success.

‘You can see that from the turnout we have had tonight – we have had a full turnout here for the final and for all the heats that took place around the country. It’s generated quite a lot of conversation and camaraderie amongst all the teams.

‘We definitely view the event as a big success – the dealers have all bought into it. They’re all very competitive and it’s a great event for Close Brothers to support. We’ve really enjoyed it.’

Kevin Day, Car Dealer Magazine sales manager, said: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the final – it was absolutely enthralling and it was great to see how competitive the teams all were whilst really enjoying each other’s company. We would like to thank Close Brothers Motor Finance for supporting the event once again – without their backing the challenge just wouldn’t take place!’

Our picture shows Brian Williamson of Close Brothers (front) with the triumphant teams who ended the night on the podium – in first place, Nick King Cars; second, The Bikers; and in third place, G3 Vehicle Auctions.

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