Nissan sales manager raising awareness for life-threatening bone marrow disorder as five-year-old daughter waits for a transplant

  • Fleet sales manager tells of his fight for the future of his five-year-old daughter
  • James Mackay’s young child Emilia suffers from Aplastic Anaemia
  • Youngster is currently awaiting a stem cell/bone marrow transplant
  • Mackay works for Arbury Group which recently made £1,500 to Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust

Time 11:55 am, August 21, 2023

A Nissan sales manager is raising awareness for a life-threatening bone marrow disorder after seeing first hand what the condition can do to families.

James Mackay has worked with the Midlands-based Arbury Motor Group since 2014 with his daughter Emilia coming along five years ago.

Emilia suffers from Aplastic Anaemia, a life-threatening bone marrow disorder which means she cannot produce the right amount of blood cells or platelets.

The condition causes rashes, bruising and tiredness as well as a susceptibility to infection and she she undergoes vital blood and platelet transfusions, which leave her with scars from needles and canulas, every week.

In order to raise awareness of the condition, her father and wider family are encouraging people to sign up to the Bone Marrow Donor Register.

They are also raising funds to help with Emilia’s care and treatment, and to assist three charities they support: the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust; DKMS (which carries out bone marrow donor testing); and The Aplastic Anaemia Trust.

Mackay, who was local business development manager for Nissan at Arbury before taking on his current role, said: ‘We are lucky that Emilia’s illness was spotted quickly. She is receiving some great treatment, but this will only help sustain her life in the short term.

‘Emilia needs to receive a stem cell/bone marrow transplant from someone who is a suitable match. We are greatly appreciative of anyone who is willing to be tested to help Emilia and others like her with this devastating condition.

‘As a family, we have been tested, but none of us is suitable, so it could be a long wait until a match is found. In the meantime, Emilia will need to continue visiting hospital regularly, which is having an effect on our finances as well as our normal family life, especially for her older sister.’

[Emilia, 5]

Mackay says Arbury Group has been supportive of his efforts to raise awareness and money, with the firm recently donating £1,500 to the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

The family is now hoping that a match can be found soon in order to improve Emilia’s quality of life.

Mackay added: ‘Even if we are lucky and find a match for Emilia, she has a long, painful road ahead. But we are looking to the future with hope and we’d truly be delighted if anyone in the wider Nissan family felt able to help or support us in any way.’

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