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Oodle launches digital platform to bring pre-approved finance customers to car dealerships

  • Oodle launched a new digital service for consumers
  • Car buyers will be able to find car finance from home on desktop or mobile
  • Consumers are then directed to partnering dealerships

Time 11:20 am, February 10, 2022

Oodle has launched a new online platform where consumers can pre-approve themselves for car finance before finding partner dealerships to spend with.

Car buyers can download the mobile app or access this through their desktop online.

The finance provider says this is great news for car dealers and their customers. Consumer research from Close Brothers Motor Finance found 91 per cent of buyers want to find finance options on their own terms before arriving at the dealership while this means a source of pre-approved customers for dealers.

Oodle MD Phil Williams said: ‘OodlePay is a game changer. Its gives consumers pre-approved car finance, meaning they begin shopping with a budget in hand.

‘They are more in control of the journey and are equipped with the information they need – meaning they can enjoy the experience.

Oodle Pay on desktop

‘For dealers, it’s all about getting more customers and increasing revenue. Dealers who partner with Oodle and use its innovative POS finance solution can then access a number of extra benefits, including membership to a free online marketplace to promote stock, and ready-to-buy customers.

‘We effectively take on the role of generating footfall and dealers can provide the expertise and service to help buyers into the best car for them.’

He added: ‘We really do see this finance-first, omni-channel approach as the future of the car finance industry.

‘For us, it’s about creating a set of standards and methods that ultimately deliver the best possible customer outcomes. It’s a win-win for consumers and dealers.’

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