Paul Everitt leaves SMMT

Time 4:41 pm, December 5, 2012

PAUL EVERITT – current chief executive of the SMMT – has announced his intention to leave.

Speaking to Car Dealer, he revealed that his motivations were simply down to a tempting job offer from elsewhere – and not related to any recent developments in the association.

‘I’ve had five years here at the SMMT,’ Everitt told us, ‘and it’s been a fantastic experience for me, it’s been a very exciting time for the industry, but you just have to take a judgement as to when’s the right time to move on.’

‘So there’s no particular reason for leaving, apart from that I feel I’ve done a lot of what I started to do – and that someone’s come up with a very attractive offer! So yes, it’s a combination of those things.’

Everitt didn’t reveal any more about this particular new offer, but the SMMT suggest it’s a position ‘outside of the automotive industry’.

We asked if, as the timings were so close, his departure was related to the recent announcements for the new president and deputy presidents. ‘No, not at all – I mean it’s purely coincidental!’

It may come as a surprise to most to hear Everitt heading for pastures non-automotive, but his background is nothing if not diverse. Previously working for the Society of British Aerospace companies – and deputy director of the British Road Federation – Everitt joined the SMMT just five years ago.

In his time at the SMMT, Everitt has fought for the UK motor industry in countless ways – including pushing for the UK Scrappage Scheme back in 2007.

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