Renault p/x is poetry

Time 3:06 pm, October 10, 2012

THE days dealers hand over cars to their new customers can certainly be full of surprises.

Not often in the way a Welsh Renault dealer recently discovered, though. Upon passing over the keys of a new Clio to customer Robert Harley, staff at Gravells Renault in Kidwelly were given a little something extra in return – a poem.

Entitled ‘Renault Heaven’, it outlines Harley’s fondness for his trade in – a Megane Cabrio – along with his ownership experience over the last decade.

To the tune of the hymn ‘Bread of Heaven’, the piece explains that Gravells sell cars that ‘go on and on’ – and that after ‘twelve years and a hundred’n sixty thousand’ miles, Harley’s soft-top Megane ‘should be gone’.

‘Renault Heaven, Renault Heaven’ reads the poem, ‘that is where my car should be (car should be).’

‘Gravells kept her going reverently’.

Naturally the poem came as a bit of a surprise to staff at the dealer, though Jonathan Gravell – who handed over the keys – was tickled pink.

‘It is always a pleasure to hand over the keys to a customer, but for someone to be so delighted with their previous Renault, that they put pen to paper and write a poem is a real sign of their love for the car and the Gravells service,’ he said.

‘We’re delighted to receive this verse and wish them all the best in their new Clio.’

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