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Time 1:10 pm, May 8, 2009

scrap-us-to-get-schemeWHICH carmakers have signed up to the Scrap Scheme and what are they offering? Find out here.

We’ve been working hard on reporting the manufacturers signing up to the scheme, which will see the government offer £1,000 for owners of cars older than 10 years to scrap them, matched with a grand from carmakers.

In this post we’ll keep you updated with an at-a-glance run down from the makers who’ve made annoucements.




STUNNING offer from Alfa Romeo under the scrappage scheme – a brand new MiTo for £8995! The Italian car maker is happy to point out this is the first time since the 1980s that it’s had a sub-£9k car. And, we already know, is generating serious interest in Alfa Romeo car dealers. Read more here…


PREMIUM brand Audi has signalled its intention to join the new car scrap scheme. This creates deals including an Audi A3 1.6 Technik for £226 a month, with zero deposit.


FOOTBALLERS will be able to get a £2000 scrap allowance against their old Ferrari if they trade it in for a new Continental GT.


THE German giant promises to match the £1000 from the Government… on ANY BMW… or, ANY MINI! No exemptions have been stipulated, meaning BMW is one of the first makers to fully commit itself to the scheme. Factor in other incentives from BMW car dealers, and it means a total discount on a BMW 116i of £3260! This allows BMW to market highly attractive monthly finance rates, which require NO deposit – yet more incentives that will drive customers into showrooms…


CHEVROLET joins GM sister brand Vauxhall in saying it will take part. Big deals include up to £6365 off the Captiva SUV. Read more here…


EMBATTLED car maker Chrysler hopes the offer of the £2000 scrappage incentive will give its new car sales a timely boost. The maker has also confirmed the scrap scheme deal will be on top of any exisiting offers at Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers, too – and will run at all car dealers.


THE French marque is already offering new car buyers £2,000 off if they agree to scrap their old one! As Car Dealer Magazine reported a few weeks ago, the French car maker decided it couldn’t wait for the Government’s new car scrappage scheme – so introduced its own. Since then, it’s gone on to offer the BEST scrappage deal out there. The half price people carrier? Read more here…


FIAT has joined the scheme with the tempting Panda 1.1 Active Eco, which will cost £4995. What’s more, the maker is going one better with its scrappage deal elsewhere in its range. Previously, it was to sell the Grande Punto 1.4 Active for £6,995. Now, it’s cut the list price to £6695 – courtesy of a hefty £1955 incentive on top of the Governmnet’s £1000 contribution. Car buyers can see the full list of eco plus cars on the car maker’s website. Read more here…


THE maker is supplementing the scheme with additional discounts of up to £4,500. This huge cash sum will be off all its larger cars, and will sit separately to the Government’s own scheme which best incentivises smaller, cheaper cars. Ford calls it ‘Scrappage Plus’, which will be over and above the Government/industry £2k scheme. It will provide an ADDITIONAL £1,250 off a Ford Fusion, up to an ADDITIONAL £3,000 off a Ford Galaxy. Read more here…


JAPANESE car maker Honda will give UK car production a boost, now it’s signed up for the scheme. The maker produces the Civic at its Swindon factory – and plans to start producing the popular Jazz there at the end of the year.


HYUNDAI have confirmed they will be taking up the scrappage scheme, but has warned it might mean cutting into dealers’ margins on cars. ‘We will be doing it,’ said a spokesman. ‘But we’re rather disappointed it wasn’t £2,000. This will mean cutting into our margin and the dealers. Hyundai has had a fantastic response to a similar scheme that was introduced in Germany. There, the marque became the fastest growing volume brand. Sales of the i10 leapt up by 662 per cent. The i30 has seen a rise of 354 per cent. Read more here…


KIA will join the new car scrap scheme – with one of the best new car deals EVER! The maker will sell its Picanto city car for just £4195 – thanks to it agreeing to match the £1000 Government incentive with £1000 of its own. And it’s not just the Picanto that’s benefitting, either. Scrappage lowers the price of the cee’d family hatch to £7995… truly bargain-priced family motoring, with a seven-year warranty! ‘That’s a package no-one in the UK motor industry can match,’ said MD Paul Philpott… we can’t disagree – thus far, at least! Read more here…


TAXI maker LTI is getting in on the act! Yes, the famous LTI taxi will be included in the scrappage scheme – what a canny bit of marketing…


MAZDA is saying no more right now, other than it will be taking part in the scheme. The company is tying in a series of special finance offers on top of the allowance. Read more here…


RELAUNCHED brand MG is to offer its TF LE 500 for £14,055, once the £2000 scrappage allowance has been factored in. The maker will also include other cheaper models in the scheme. This means, later in the summer, car buyers will be able to get an £11k brand new MG… a tempting proposition?


MERCEDES has joined its German rivals Audi and BMW by signing up for the scrappage scheme. No specific details of the types of offer it will promote have been revealed – but every Mercedes-Benz, from A-Class to S-Class, will be included in the deal. Read more here…


£2000 off an Evo X? No problem, sir! Mitsubishi committing to the scheme means it’s a reality… luckily, there are slightly less extreme variants also set to take part, too.


UK car producer Nissan will support its huge UK factory by joining the new car scrap scheme – and EXTEND the scheme back, to cars aged EIGHT years or older! The company will offer a minimum trade in on all cars two years younger than the Government’s official incentive… so long as they’re a UK-built Micra, Note, Qashqai or Qashqai+2. Nissan’s UK MD, Paul Willcox, said: ‘We are disappointed with the Government’s decision only to include cars over 10 years old in the scrappage scheme – we were expecting the offer to be available to pre-2001 models. That’s why we’ve introduced a £2000 minimum trade-in for cars aged 8-10 years old, for anyone buying one of our British built models.’ Read more here…


PEUGEOT boasts one of the lowest-CO2 ranges of cars in the UK… it is a natural ‘green’ new car brand, so it’s good that the maker intends to take part in the scrap car scheme. Deals are good, too, with incentives on top of the scrap allowance. How about £3300 off a 207 1.4 Verve? That takes the list price down to £8740.


PORSCHE builds some of the most economical supercars in the world. Enhance that efficiency even further, now the brand has joined the scrappage scheme.


RENAULT is to offer extra savings over and above the Government-inspired £2k scrappage allowance. These incentives will chip prices to ultra-low levels, says the car maker: creating bargains such as a £6495 new Clio!. LCVs will be included, too. Read more here…


SIR Alan Sugar always likes a deal. An extra £2000 of his next Phantom will be on the table, if he agrees to scrap an 10 year old motor.


SMART have surprised some onlookers, by committing to the new car scrappage scheme – despite its staple model, the Fortwo, being solely a city car range. Selected Smarts will be promoted in the scheme, including ‘the country’s cleanest cabrio’, the 88g/km CO2 Smart Fortwo cdi. Performance fiends will also be pleased to see the BRABUS Fortwo will be included, too. Read more here…


SKODA is in. Brand director Robert Hazelwood said that anything which ‘stimulates consumer demand for new car sales is positive.’ The deals sound pretty positive to Car Dealer Magazine, too: How can Skoda car dealers retail a Fabia for £59? Find out here…


SSANGYONG is supporting the scrappage scheme. The great-value maker of 4x4s and MPVs says this makes its range of vehicles even more compelling – and the network is fully geared up to start delivering cars under the scheme.


FAMED for its eco cars as well as its 4x4s, Suzuki is naturally joining the scrap scheme. In the Alto, it has one of the cheapest cars on sale in Britain – and, with Darling’s incentive, it’s now even cheaper! The Alto SZ2 city car can now be bought for just £4795 – a pretty eye-opening deal for one of the UK’s most economical cars. Suzuki is offering deals on other models in its range, too. Including a Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS for £13,500 – a £4000 saving.


FIRM will take part in the new car scrappage scheme – by incentivising the British-built Auris. The maker will structure incentives and finance packages to make the Derbyshire-built Auris a ‘highly attractive choice’. This will be instead of using the incentive to boost appeal for its smaller city cars and superminis – cars already in huge demand. Read more here…


VAUXHALL will take part – which is great news, as it makes the Astra hatchback right here in the UK! Thsi is on top of a whole host of offers – including 0 percent finance and 5 percent cashback.


VOLKSWAGEN will be taking part in the scrappage scheme. Deals will include a Fox from a list price of £4845! Volkswagen car dealers have not seen prices like this in decades… Read more here…


VOLVO has confirmed it will take part. The maker plans to use the £2,000 incentive, supported by extra funds from its own pocket, to fund a finance deposit – on ANY model in the Volvo range. With associated finance promotions, this means Volvo car dealers will be able to sell the Volvo C30 DRIVe for £210 per month. Read more here…

As carmakers sign up to the scheme we’ll update this post

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