Adnan Murtaza, left and Babar MurtazaAdnan Murtaza, left and Babar Murtaza


Service adviser travels thousands of miles to save brother’s life with liver donation

  • Babar Murtaza went to Pakistan to give 70 per cent of his liver
  • Brother had cirrhosis of the liver after contracting hepatitis B as a child
  • Operation took place on Babar’s birthday

Time 4 weeks ago

A service adviser flew nearly 4,000 miles on a life-saving mission for his brother.

Babar Murtaza, 49, who works at Vertu Motors dealership Mercedes-Benz of Slough, scrambled to the aid of Adnan, who lives in Pakistan.

The 50-year-old had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver after contracting hepatitis B as a child, but despite a course of medication he was told by doctors that he needed a transplant.

His condition then got worse and an infection developed that further damaged the organ, meaning he could only receive a transplant from a living donor.

Under Pakistani law, the first choice of donor has to be from the immediate family and be of the same blood group.

Babar’s blood type was a match and he had no hesitation in making the 3,767-mile journey to give 70 per cent of his liver for the life-saving surgery.

The procedure, which coincidentally fell on Babar’s birthday, was a success and Adnan is now said to be recovering well.


Babar, seen above on the right with Adnan, said: ‘It was very easy for me to make the decision to save Adnan’s life.

‘I was monitoring the whole situation from the beginning and could see the suffering of my brother every day.

‘I was far away and couldn’t do much to help him, but when things got to the stage where I knew his life was in danger, I was ready and made up my mind to donate part of my liver if that could save his life.’

He added: ‘I am so grateful to the team at Vertu Mercedes-Benz of Slough for supporting me throughout this difficult time. I couldn’t have done it without them. 

‘It will be a little while before I fully recover and can go back home to the UK and to work, but it is a wonderful feeling knowing my brother will be okay.’

Adnan said: ‘I will be forever grateful to Babar for what he has done for me and our family. It was truly selfless, and no words will ever describe how thankful I am.

‘We have always been very close. We were born only a year apart and we grew up together as not only brothers, but best friends. 

‘I hope that one day I can repay him for his kindness.’

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