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11072695.jpgARE we nearly there yet? We know – if you hear that one more time…

Summer holiday journeys are, basically, hell on for wheels, according to a poll by

Two-thirds of motorists admitted the annual trip to the seaside filled them with terror. Contrast this with the mere 13 per cent who, for some reason, said they actually enjoy the time in the car.


So what drives us mad? Children fighting in the back, above all: this raises the blood pressure of over two in five drivers.

A quarter fear the perennial traffic, almost a third ranked getting lost due to bad road signs as chief annoyance, while one in five hated the thought of a cramped, uncomfortable drive. For 15 per cent, it was plain boredom that did it for them.

Katie Armitage, marketing manager for, said: ‘The annual summer getaway can often descend into misery with squabbling children enough to drive anyone over the edge.’

But she’s also analysed the data, and concludes: ‘Many frustrations listed by motorists are easily remedied by the car they choose… but with so many options on the market making the right choice is often a daunting prospect.’

‘As a result, has responded to feedback from visitors to the site and has created a list of the best cars to help motorists make the right choice for them providing a hassle free journey this summer.’

The top picks, with’s rationale, which you can use to help promote some of the vehicles you have in stock, are:

Best car for large families: Ford S-Max
With seven seats, the S-Max has plenty of space for adults and kids. Mum and Dad will love driving it – although it’s an MPV, it pilots neatly and nimbly. It looks stylish too, not your usual bus-shaped box.

Best car for camping/wet weather: Land Rover Discovery
The Discovery seats seven in comfort and has loads of cubby spaces for storing bits and pieces. Better at getting you across a muddy field than any other big 4×4, the Discovery has clever adjustable driving and suspension settings and has a rubber-covered compartment in the rear to put muddy gear in.

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Best car for entertaining the children: Citroen C8
Squabbling children can be one of the biggest causes of driving stress but the CitroenC8 has a smooth ride to keep the kids comfortable and an optional rear-seat entertainment system that will let the kids watch DVDs to keep them quiet.

Best car for outdoor families: Subaru Legacy Outback diesel.
The Subaru Legacy Outback diesel is a four-wheel drive estate that’s fantastic to drive and feels close to a Subaru Impreza. Four wheel drive means it’ll take you to the beach or down a muddy track with ease and the roofline is reasonably low, so loading bikes or a kayak on to the top is not too much of a heave-ho.

Best car for families with dogs: Volvo V70
The V70 is a big estate with lots of space in the rear. It has a clever built in mesh netting between rear seats and load bay that keeps doggies in their place. For those with children, the Volvo has a reversible tray in the rear and lots of cubby holes for storing leads, blankets and toys.

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