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The Auto Experts launch a brand new trade portal for UK car dealers

Sponsored: The Auto Experts explain their new platform designed specifically for the UK’s car traders and its features that make it more affordable than ever to carry out essential vehicle checks.

Time 9:09 am, April 25, 2022

UK car dealers looking for the nation’s lowest-cost vehicle check need look no further than The Auto Experts’ brand new trade portal.

Designed specifically for the UK’s car traders, it boasts a host of excellent features that make it more affordable than ever to carry out essential vehicle checks.

Vehicle checks at the lowest possible prices

Carrying out vehicle checks and valuing vehicles are essential parts of being a UK auto trader, but they can also prove to be costly. The Auto Experts have launched their new subscription offer, costing just £30 + VAT per month – the equivalent of only £1 per day.

With no contract, free sign-up, and the option to cancel at any time, it gives access to the most affordable vehicle check on the market today. Normal vehicle history checks cost £9.99, with valuation costs at £2.99.

However, when customers sign up for The Auto Experts subscription package, they benefit from discounted checks costing just £2.75 each, including VAT and 5 band market valuation costing just 60p each inclusive of VAT – a significant saving for auto traders nationwide!

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The Dealer Insights Dashboard

Another outstanding feature of The Auto Experts dashboard is its dealer insights dashboard. Car dealers can find valuable information about all aspects of car buying, including:

  • Used car market analysis by make, model, colour, fuel type, body type and, classification by car’s year of manufacture.
  • Market trends by percentage compared to the previous period.
  • Location-based searches for used vehicles by period comparison.
  • Easy access to all vehicle history reports in a single location
  • Transparent statistics regarding the demand for used cars by comparing brands in compare make dashboard.
  • The classic car exploration dashboard will help you understand high demanded classic cars in the city.

Currently, the portal offers near-time insights, but real-time insights will be available soon, allowing auto traders to make efficient and data-driven decisions within their industry.

Community networking within the sector

Not only can auto dealers gain valuable industry insights and make impressive cost savings when they sign up for The Auto Experts’ portal, but they can also benefit from opportunities to network within their sector.

Affiliation partnerships for earned commission

As an added advantage of signing up to the portal, auto traders can form affiliate partnerships with The Auto Experts, with the chance to earn a commission if they promote the brand.

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Easy access with login options

The Auto Experts portal offers all of the above features under a single dashboard that provides easy access with a user login option. Thanks to its convenient design, the portal is a one-stop shop for everything that today’s UK car traders need.

It offers helpful industry insights and the opportunity to earn commission and network, and save money on essential checks and valuations. Traders can also effortlessly view their total vehicle check history instantly and their current subscription status, making it easier than ever to stay on top of all administrative needs from one handy dashboard.

Of course, it goes without saying that all of this comes from a reputable and reliable company. The Auto Experts is a sister concern of Car Analytics which is one of the UK’s Best Vehicle Data Check Providers, so dealers can have complete peace of mind that their checks, valuations, and details are in the safest possible hands when they sign up to this impressive and valuable auto trade portal.

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