JATO AI generator in action for 26 March advertorialJATO AI generator in action for 26 March advertorial

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Use the latest AI tech to create data-rich marketing content for your dealership in seconds

Sponsored post: JATO Dynamics explains how dealers can create industry- and dealership-specific marketing content that resonates with potential car buyers without taking hours to pull data, fact-check and proofread

Time 8:14 am, March 26, 2024

JATO Sales Link – the ultimate data and insights tool for franchised car dealerships – introduces its free AI content generator.

It’s integrated with the global leading AI names Microsoft Azure and OpenAI, providing car dealerships with a data-rich content solution across all makes and models and at a level of speed and accessibility that humans simply can’t replicate.

But what sets it apart from other platforms?

Here are three powerful reasons why JATO Sales Link’s AI technology is the content generator of choice for car dealerships:

1) Turbocharging content with multiple data sources

This AI content generator taps into a wealth of data sources, including JATO’s vast database of propriety specs data and data from millions of consumer transactions across major markets.

This means its AI engine provides content that’s rooted in buyer behaviour and purchase decisions.

The term ‘data-driven’ isn’t used lightly. The types of data that go into this AI content generator include:

  • Market transactions
  • Dealership data (optional)
  • Market trends
  • Option take rate
  • Location
  • Volumes

By choosing to include their own data, dealerships can create content that’s specifically tailored to their dealership sites.

JATO sales link for 26 March advertorial


Sharing data within JATO Sales Link also allows dealerships to compare their performance against the market with access to data and insights on top-selling vehicles, final sales price, discounts and more.

2) Designed exclusively for dealers by industry experts

The core product team behind this feature come from dealership backgrounds and understand the unique challenges faced by car dealerships.

They’ve made this feature so dealers can select from a range of content formats (news articles, tweets, emails, etc) and tailor the content based on specific calls to action, eg, visiting a showroom, scheduling a test drive, signing up to a dealership’s newsletter and more.

3. One feature that’s part of a bigger data-rich ecosystem

This AI content generator is just one element of a much larger offering by JATO Sales Link.

With access to up-to-date market trends and consumer preferences, dealerships can make informed decisions to optimise competitiveness and positioning.

The tool includes data and insights on top-selling vehicles across all makes and models, final sales price and discounts applied, additional packs and options uptake, and more – a must-have for buyers making decisions on what to stock, pricing analysts and salespeople.

Benefits of using JATO Sales Link’s AI feature

Paul Hilton, head of Sales Link for JATO Dynamics, says: ‘JATO Sales Link’s AI content generator, powered by global industry giants Microsoft Azure and OpenAI, revolutionises content creation for car dealerships.

‘It harnesses data from diverse sources, including our proprietary specs data and data from millions of consumer transactions across major markets, to deliver tailored, industry-specific content at an unmatched pace.

‘Eliminate hours of sourcing data, creating a narrative, fact-checking, proof-reading, etc. This is a huge leap forward and an AI generator like no other, utilising timely and trusted data in seconds. It’s fast, efficient and cost-effective.’

Get your free JATO Sales Link Premium account and explore the future of content creation.

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