We take on the challenge to find the A to Z of car dealers in one week

We take on the challenge to find the A to Z of car dealers in one week

NEXT week we’re going on a tour of the country – and we’re coming to see YOU!

We love a challenge, but this is one of our biggest yet. We will be trying to spell out the alphabet with car dealership names.

That might not sound overly challenging, as the majority of your businesses’ names will begin with a letter of the alphabet, but the team are going to try to complete it in five days.

Yes, that’s 26 dealerships, across Britain, in five days.

There’s no fixed route, so if you want us to come and visit your site, you can tweet @CarDealerMag or use the hashtag #AtoZCarDealers.

I’ll be joined by head of multimedia Jon Reay. In the spirit of the current political climate, we’ve commandeered a British-built motor for this tour of the British Isles. We’ll be taking in the next few thousand miles of roads very comfortably in the new Range Rover Sport.

We’ll be posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too, using the hashtag #AtoZCarDealers. If you run into us along the journey, make sure you post and share too!

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