Best month ever for Big Motoring World as sales more than double

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NOVEMBER was the best month ever for sales at Kent-based Big Motoring World. The car dealership had an increase year-on-year increase of 104 per cent after selling 904 cars.

Big Motoring World, the UK’s largest independent seller of pre-owned BMWs, have said that part of the success is down to offering a wider variety of car brands , such as Volkswagens and Audis.

Big Motoring World CEO Peter Waddell said: ‘We are extremely pleased with last month’s figures. Like any dealership, sales fluctuate every month, but last month we saw an exceptional increase year on year.

‘We think that this could be down to a number of reasons. With the economy improving, people feel more secure in spending money on cars. We now have a wider choice of pre-owned cars for our customers to buy. For example we sold nearly 200 VWs and Audis for the first time.

‘Finally, we have a wide range of good-quality ex-PCP (personal contract plan) cars available with lower mileages.

‘We expect this trend to continue with an increase in PCP cars being available as the market matures and more cars are coming up for renewal. This is good news for car buyers and good news for us.’

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