Buyers can skip 13-reg

Time 7:51 am, July 23, 2012

SUPERSTITIOUS buyers will be able to avoid buying a new car next March bearing the unlucky number 13, it has been revealed.

The Vehicle Remarketing Association has found the DVLA is proposing motorists can skip having their car registered with a 13-reg if they wish.

Buyers of a new car registered from March 1, 2013 to August 31, 2013 can choose to have it registered as a 62-plate instead.

The regular plate pattern will return in September 1, 2013 which will see 63-plate cars appearing on new cars registered from then onwards.

‘This is great for those who regard the number 13 as unlucky but it could cause a challenge for the used car market,’ said the VRA. ‘Those picking up on the anomaly will value the car correctly, but those who don’t may offer drivers considerably less for the car than it is worth just based on the registration plate.

‘Something for the used market to consider in spring next year.’

Retail ready small cars are the pick

The VRA’s used market update for June and July has also concluded small cars in the right colours are the most wanted among consumers.

Small five-door cars are now being widely sought after and are now for the first time commanding a price premium over three-door models. Petrol remains the preferred engine of choice at this end of the market.

‘As we enter the summer, trade buyers are becoming more choosy about what they bid on and ultimately buy. The less desirable cars in the wrong colours are now proving very difficult to shift, so adjusting the reserve price accordingly may be the only way to sell them quickly,’ said the VRA update.

‘Buyers are also increasingly looking to purchase cars that are ready to retail, which means more vendors are spending money on refurbishment before it is offered for sale. The majority of cars are seeing a benefit in refurbishment with higher prices and first time conversion rates.’

The VRA also noted that the used market is still under pressure. ‘The traditional 6-12 month nearly new used car market continues to be under severe pressure from the aggressive new car deals on offer by manufacturers and their dealers,’ said the VRA. ‘Consumers who are in the market to purchase a car are now looking at a new instead of a nearly new car and so prices have fallen and are likely to remain under pressure in the short term.’

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