Car dealership worker sacked after Armistice Day argument

Time 11:55 am, November 24, 2014

arnold-clark-logo-57077-1AN ARNOLD Clark employee has been sacked from her position in a car dealership after getting into an argument with a colleague who refused to observe the two-minute silence on Armistice Day.

Norma Gregory was suspended on November 11, after a colleague wouldn’t stop working to pay tribute. The pair clashed when the co-worker refused to turn off the power cleaner she was using.

According to Norma, the clash resulted in her touching her colleague’s arm. The 57-year old, whose father George fought in the Second World War, was then suspended from her position before being told she’d been dismissed.

Recalling the events of last Tuesday, Norma told the Sunday Post newspaper: ‘At 11 o’clock I was in the car valeting bay with a colleague and we were cleaning a car.

‘The radio was playing and the presenter said they were going to the news and a two-minute silence would follow. But my colleague kept working despite me asking her to stop.

‘I turned off the power washer she was using and then she turned it on again. Then I turned it back off again. This continued for a few seconds before I stood in front of it to stop her turning it back on again.

‘When she tried to reach around me I pushed her arm away. She said I couldn’t do that and then the next thing I know I was ordered into the boss’s office.’

Norma, who joined Arnold Clark in September, added: ‘It was a storm in a teacup. I touched her arm slightly, nothing more.’

Arnold Clark’s Glasgow head office confirmed to the newspaper that the row was started because of the two-minute silence but explained that they had no option but to sack Norma once she had ‘raised her hand’ to another employee.

A spokeswoman added: ‘We won’t comment further but we were aware of Norma’s feelings about Remembrance Day.’

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