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Time 6:30 am, March 31, 2011

tesco_logoSUSPECTED online partner for has today removed all vehicles for sale from its website.

Car Dealer has been told by a number of sources that the partner for Tesco’s used car offering, which we believe will be going live imminently, is Carsite.

We understand that Carsite will provide a white label product for Tesco – and the fact all cars have been removed from sale is certainly interesting.

We’ve now heard from FIVE independent sources that Carsite is the partner for Tesco’s online offering and it looks very likely that, with the cars being removed from sale, that things will be happening sooner rather than later.

We’ve also heard from online advertising firms that they’ve been instructed by Carsite to remove all of their cars from sale too.

A spokesman for would only give us a ‘no comment’ answer to our questions and refused to speculate further. Tesco was equally tight lipped and still refused to speculate on the rumour.

We also asked why would a successful car dealer remove of all of its cars from sale when it’s in rude health? Again, no comment…

However, if we were betting men – and we are – we’d wager a large amount of cash that a launch in the second quarter was planned. If not even sooner…

We know that the supermarket has been talking to finance companies about their planned launch and that a dedicated unit has been set up in the supermarket to coordinate the launch.

Car Dealer was the first to bring you news of the proposed launch and will be following these developments very closely.

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