#911for2011: Deposit taken!

Time 6:22 am, March 13, 2012

So it may just have happened – today I received the news one lucky buyer had placed a deposit on our Porsche 911!

It was just by chance when we were checking some facts for the latest issue’s update that we stumbled across the news on 911Virgin‘s website.

There in big bold letters slashed across the picture of R97 RRK was ‘Deposit Taken’ in big bold type. Obviously, I didn’t believe it. The car has only been up there a little over a week after all.

So an email winged its way to Henry Firmin and his team asking if it was true and not a Monday morning computer glitch.

‘No glitch – £1,000 deposit taken,’ came the reply.

I couldn’t contain my excitement. Our journey to turn nothing into a Porsche 911 in aid of automotive industry charity BEN could soon be over – and that fat cheque the charity has been waiting patiently for since May 2010 will finally be handed over.

Obviously my next email wanted to know the really important news – how much did it go for?

‘Full asking price – £11,995,’ bounced back into my inbox.

Incredible stuff. This was a car that we purchased back in October for £9,900 and have since being doing everything in our power to make it worth even more ever since.

Help from Porsche GB and their servicing department certainly made it more attractive. Then Autoglym got to work making the 90,000-miler look like new – and boy did they do a cracking job!

The efforts obviously worked. 911 Virgin now expect the deal to be completed within 10 days – but as we all know a deposit doesn’t necessarily mean a sale.

So in the meantime we’ve got everything crossed that it does translate into hard cash and we can finally hand over an almighty wedge to our industry’s charity.

Read more on our journey to turn £0 into a 911 here

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