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Time 11:09 am, April 3, 2013

buymycarSOURCING used stock can be a complete headache for dealers.

Not only is the industry going through a period where there’s a distinct shortage of good quality, quickly resaleable vehicles, but demand for used cars is at rather a high. Finding vehicles to sell, it seems, is becoming a real issue.

While, for some, nothing beats a good day out at the local (or not-so-local) auction houses, it does become hard to justify an entire day away from the premises to acquire stock – particularly when there’s an ever-present fear of returning empty handed.

One recently launched website, BuyMyCar.com, thinks it may just have a solution.

Designed with both dealers and consumers in mind, BuyMyCar is something of a new idea in the industry – but one that could very quickly add up.

The site takes its inspiration from the handful of other websites offering car owners an instant cash sum for their vehicles – a format which has proved particularly popular in the UK.

Unlike many other ‘We Buy Cars’ websites though – which offer strict valuations and buy vehicles directly from owners – BuyMyCar puts sellers back in touch with dealers themselves, allowing them to make offers directly to the seller.


Once an owner posts an advert on the site for their car, dealers signed up to the site will immediately receive an alert via email to inform them a new vehicle is available. Make an offer on a vehicle and the seller will then be alerted too – quid.

If they accept, it’s a just case of arranging a collection with them and handing over the agreed amount – simple and easy.

Everything is done online instantly, and so sales can happen within a matter of minutes – a fantastic timesaver for dealers. Compare that to turning up at an auction for a full day to only come away with one vehicle, and BuyMyCar may start to make a lot of sense.

What’s more, the site is designed to appeal to sellers who want to shift a car quickly – and expect to get no more than trade prices in return. There are no buyers fees at the time of writing, either – and any future costs are likely to be negligible.

In other words, it’s inexpensive, could save a lot of time and hassle, and could well be worth a look next time you’re looking for used stock.

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