Supercar war hots up

Time 11:19 am, May 22, 2012

A WAR of words between Ferrari and McLaren over the validity of magazine road tests of their cars has erupted.

In an interview with Car Dealer, Greg Levine, sales and marketing director of McLaren, challenges his rival supercar makers to pitch their 458 against his MP4-12C again… but only if the cars are put on a dyno first.

‘Give me a like-for-like Ferrari – a normal one, that a customer has on the road – and I will be very interested to see the outcome of that test,’ he told us during a visit to the McLaren Technology Centre.

When the British firm’s car was first released it took a pummelling in the popular motoring magazine’s twin tests – but Levine says a rematch will only take place with strict restrictions in place first.

In exclusive interviews with Car Dealer, road testers from some of the biggest magazines in the UK tell tales of meddling and media manipulation from both car manufacturers.

The firms categorically deny any foul play took place – but that hasn’t stopped the rumours.

In an exclusive feature, Car Dealer investigates the claims that can easily be found on the internet, hears both supercar manufacturers’ side of the story and asks the dealers that sell the cars whether winning these magazine road tests really matters anyway.

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