Ford Fiesta proves to be the most popular car to be financed in 2020

Time 3:44 pm, December 21, 2020

The one-litre Ford Fiesta was the most popular car for people seeking finance in 2020.

That’s according to Close Brothers Motor Finance, which has taken a look back at which vehicles were a hit among buyers this year.

It also noted a shift in people’s attitudes over vehicle ownership because of the coronavirus crisis.

Second and fourth in the finance company’s top 12 were BMW’s 320d and 520d Diesel respectively, with the Range Rover Evoque in third place.

Meanwhile, the 1.25-litre Fiesta was fifth.

Probably unsurprisingly, affordability was the top consideration among buyers, with how economical a vehicle is to run being the second most important factor.

Seán Kemple, managing director of Close Brothers Motor Finance, said: ‘In a year shaped by a pandemic and strict social distancing restrictions, drivers have still been able to get their hands on the car they wanted.

‘In fact, a new-found reticence to use public transport has shifted attitudes toward car ownership – a trend likely to grow even further in 2021.’

He added: ‘Smaller models remain popular for drivers in 2020, with the Ford Fiesta taking another year as the people’s favourite.

‘Yet the Land Rover has crept up a place – perhaps a reflection of more families choosing a model that suits their needs this year.

‘In 2021, the looming 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel models is likely to put alternative-fuelled vehicles in higher demand as drivers make the switch to electric.’

Top 12 cars financed by Close Brothers in 2020 (as of December 9)

  1. Ford Fiesta 1.0
  2. BMW 320d
  3. Range Rover Evoque
  4. BMW 520d Diesel
  5. Ford Fiesta 1.25
  6. Mini
  7. Audi A4
  8. Vauxhall Corsa
  9. Fiat 500
  10. Volkswagen Golf 1.6
  11. Volkswagen Golf 2.0
  12. Audi A1

Top 10 main considerations when buying a car (based on Close Brothers’ Britain Under the Bonnet report 2020)

  1. Affordability/price – 51 per cent
  2. How economical the vehicle is to run – 35 per cent
  3. Fuel type – 23 per cent
  4. Existing mileage – 21 per cent
  5. Engine size – 20 per cent
  6. Manufacturer – 15 per cent
  7. Number of doors – 15 per cent
  8. How environmentally friendly it is – 14 per cent
  9. Boot size – 11 per cent
  10. Ease of getting in and out – 10 per cent
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