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GardX B2See – Personalised Video Provider of the Year 2023

  • Highly Commended: CitNOW
  • Highly Commended: Vehicles in Video

Time 6:50 pm, June 28, 2023

Giving customers a professional presentation of their new car or service is a terrific way to engage with clients.

There are lots of ways to record it nowadays, with slick platforms that make video production and delivery quick and simple.

GardX works in partnership with its car dealer customers to make sure they’re making the most of personalised videos and our readers not only love the support, they love the product too. 

Harry Warne, head of sales for GardX Engage, which is the company’s digital pillar, said how delighted it was at winning this category, commenting: ‘We get very excited about this award as a business, so thank you to all the dealers that voted for us – that’s really important to us. 

‘For the past 20 years, GardX has made account management the top priority, and for dealers to vote for us shows they enjoy working with us.

‘And particularly with the video product, it’s such a critical part of the dealership strategy, particularly in a digital world, so we’re glad to be recognised for providing an excellent video solution.

‘But also as I say a nod to the account management side as well, in that dealerships are enjoying working with us.’

GardX is traditionally known as a paint protection company but it also has this digital pillar of the business, with video products for every stage of the customer journey.

Warne acknowledged what a competitive sector video is, adding: ‘That’s why we’re so delighted to receive this award.’

He expanded on its video offering, saying: ‘We have calls to action, very engaging content and landing pages.’

With people increasingly wanting to do some of the buying process online, video is playing an important part in helping with that.

‘We all know about omnichannel presence and the importance of it,’ said Warne.

‘And the fact that customers aren’t visiting five, 10, 15 dealerships to do their shopping means dealers need ways to build those relationships with customers, and video is an excellent way to do that and really personalise the experience for them.

‘So it’s a really critical part, and we’re delighted that we’re recognised for providing good technology there.’

Warne also explained what a busy year it had been for GardX, having had a rebrand and revamp of its proposition.

He said: ‘It’s been a fantastic place to work, with a really buzzy atmosphere, looking to help businesses scale and grow. That’s at the heart of what we do: empowering dealerships and driving their growth.’

It was a trio of triumphs at Car Dealer Power 2023 for GardX, too, with the company also scooping this year’s trophies for Paint Protection Provider and Production Innovation.

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