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Get the post-Brexit legal lowdown at CDX 2019 with Lawgistics

Time 4:36 pm, June 4, 2019

DO Brexit’s legal consequences for your business worry you? And in this era of ‘fake news’, how can you sort the truth from the false statements and scaremongering?

CDX – taking place at Farnborough International on June 12 –  will have the answers, with a must-attend workshop from motor trade legal specialists Lawgistics.

Solicitor and legal adviser Nona Bowkis will be on hand in Room 4 of the exhibition and conference centre to sort the wheat from the chaff regarding employment law as it affects you as a dealer. Lawgistics has examined the state of play in depth and she’ll be able to reveal exactly what changes any dealer may need to prepare for – as well as where they needn’t be concerned.

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Bowkis told us: ‘After the European elections, a no-deal Brexit seems more likely than ever – or does it? We are still in a state of flux in regard to Brexit, but while the politicians continue to argue their way through it, the civil servants have put plans in place for a no-deal Brexit in the form of The Employment Rights (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019.

Nona Bowkis

‘However, that mainly just tidies up some wording as actually, no deal or not, not much will change in regard to employment requirements for most car dealers.

‘Even if there is no deal, for the sake of any UK/EU future trade agreement, employment rights will be expected to be on a par with the parts of the EU we leave behind.’

However, she added: ‘Hot on the heels of Brexit is the government’s Good Work Plan, which was published in December 2018. This will bring changes, and anyone who employs people needs to keep up to date with those changes, particularly if they use “self-employed” valeters and the like, as the government is looking to extend workers’ rights, which may end up with those “self employed” workers gaining full employment rights. Get that wrong and it could cost you dearly in an employment tribunal, as could failing to issue a contract on day one when the rules change in April 2020.’

Lawgistics will clarify the current position, outline some of the changes that are coming, and advise on how best to keep ahead of the game as, regardless of Brexit, employment law changes are coming, so employers need to stay on the right side of the law and out of employment tribunals if they want to avoid their former “self-employed” valeters – and others – taking them to the cleaners.

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