Global OASys’s new site

Time 8:56 am, January 21, 2013

GLOBAL OASsys have launched a brand new vehicle remarketing system, based solely online.

The site, which is free to use, allows buyers to register and browse through the range of vehicles advertised – and lets them search using a number of different criteria, including make, model and age.

From there, they can see pictures and further details of each vehicle, and place a bid on any that takes their fancy. Unlike other sites with similar set-ups, sellers can list their stock for free too – only paying when the vehicle is eventually sold.

‘We’re very happy with the functionality’, Global OASys’s Ric Ward told us. ‘It proactively engages with dealers with its intuitive layout and flexible buying options, and the feedback we’ve had has been excellent.’

‘We put it through six months of usability testing, and received a lot of positive feedback from those who tested it. Where there were suggestions we took them on board in the final version, so we’ve really developed it for the optimum dealer experience’.

The site is live now at, and both buyers and sellers can sign up immediately.

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