VW is launching a new badge for performance electric cars: GTXVW is launching a new badge for performance electric cars: GTX

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GTX is the new GTI as VW performance electric models get new badge

3 weeks ago

Volkswagen’s performance electric car models we be branded GTX when they go on sale.

The first car to get the badge will be the ID.4 GTX as it looks to follow on from the well-established GTI and GTE monikers.

The ID.4 GTX will use a twin-motor setup, enabling it to deliver all-wheel-drive for more performance.


The extra motor on the front axle will switch on and off intelligently, ensuring that additional traction or power can be added when requested by the driver.

A new ‘Traction’ mode will allow the system to be permanently activated too, allowing the maximum potential of the powertrain to be used at all times.

GTX models will also get additional sporty exterior design touches, as well as their own light signature to help differentiate them from the rest of the ID range.

The GTX will be the first of Volkswagen’s ID-badged cars to offer all-wheel-drive, as a result.


Klaus Zellmer, board member for marketing and sales at the Volkswagen brand, said: ‘The letters GT have long stood for driving pleasure.

‘Now the X is building the bridge to the mobility of the future.

‘Sustainability and sportiness are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other intelligently.’

Due to be unveiled on April 28, the ID.4 GTX will feature additional cabin styling touches, much the same as Volkswagen’s GTI and GTE models.

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