Here are the top five used cars to buy NOW according to Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer

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Used car super dealer and host of TV’s Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer has revealed the used cars you should buy now.

Just a week after revealing the used cars you shouldn’t buy, the host of the Car Dealer Used Car Awards has given us his top cars you should be shelling out on.

Here – with just a week left to nominate in our Used Car Awards – Brewer has revealed the eclectic mix of used cars that he’d spend his own cash on.

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Here they are…

Audi Q3

I love the Audi Q3 – I sell loads and loads of these and, importantly, they leave the showroom and don’t come boomeranging back with problems. 

If I was buying, it would be a mid-range petrol model for me. Yes, they’re a bit thirstier than some people might like, but with the diesel haters out there, it’s probably a safer bet residual values wise.

I love the way they look and with many buyers hunting down an SUV, most wouldn’t go far wrong with the Q3’s Germanic build quality and space. 

Kia Picanto / Hyundai i10

As much as the manufacturers would hate you to think these two cars are interchangeable, the truth is they very much are.

The baby Korean models from either Hyundai or Kia are perfect first time cars. The newer they are the more kit they have as standard and they’re a doddle to fix when your darling loved one crashes it into a lamppost / tree / shopping trolley. It will happen.

They are ultra reliable – it doesn’t matter whether it’s 10 years old or a year old, they’ll still go on and on. Chances are, after the nuclear apocalypse we’ll all be taking shelter in Picantos as they’ll be the only things left standing.

Volvo S60 / V60

If you’re after an example of a brand that has flipped for the better – ignoring Skoda – Volvo has to be it.

Once a staid and trusted source of vehicles for the more, how shall I put this, conservative among us, the brand is now banging out stylish and highly desirable cars across its range.

Just look at that thing!

The V60/S60, saloon/estate model is the mid-range offering and combines practicality, desirability and good old fashioned reliability. It helps that they’re beautiful too and far classier than the German equivalents. Who thought we’d be saying that about Volvo?

Tesla Model 3

This one will set the cat amongst the pigeons but do you know what? I don’t care, because the Tesla Model 3 is bleeding brilliant.

It’s come from a company that has grown like wild fire and this ‘affordable’ option in its range is a an absolute cracker. The tech is brilliant, the range is superb and I even like its looks. Sort of space age, especially in Star Wars Stormtrooper white.

There might be some problems out there with build quality, but overall it’s a great all rounder. Prices are strong in the used market and rightly so – that’s what happens when we’re talking about the most googled electric car in the world.

Mazda MX-5

This little sports car has long been one of my favourites and whatever the age of the used model you buy you won’t go far wrong.

They’re great fun, reliable and will set your pants on fire when you drive it. I’d suggest you go for the latest model you can afford with the most options you can find and don’t be afraid to give a bit more money for lower miles.

A good MX-5 will reward you for years to come – it’s a phenomenal little car!

So there you go, that’s my top used cars to buy now.

A quick word of advice while you’re here – make sure you shop around. Used car prices are crazy right now so getting a bargain might not be that easy. Read all about the crazy prices in Car Dealer’s special section on used cars here.

Also, make sure you check your purchase out carefully with a used car check.

And buy from a reputable dealers like the ones that win our Used Car Awards – you won’t go far wrong with these brilliant dealers.

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And before you go please take a minute to nominate your favourite used car dealers and used car staff as I’ll be handing out the coveted gongs on December 16 on this very website.

Nominations need to be in by next Friday, October 30.

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