Hybrid tops Aston Barclay’s desirability index for second month running as Toyota Prius takes crown

  • Toyota Prius tops Aston Barclay’s November desirability index
  • Second month running a hybrid has come out on top after Hyundai IONIQ won in October
  • Auction group says its important for hybrids to ‘stamp their mark’ on the used market

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The Toyota Prius has been named this month’s most desirable car by auction group Aston Barclay – the second time in a row that a hybrid has taken the crown.

The firm’s desirability index found that the Prius has been November’s most in demand model, beating out stiff competition from the the Volvo XC40, the Lexus NX and the Nissan Leaf.

Last month’s winner, the Hyundai IONIQ also featured high up on the list.

The index helps buyers make the best possible decisions when picking their latest stock from auction.

It takes into account three key metrics – web views prior to sale, number of physical and online bids per sale, and the sale price achieved as a percentage of CAP average.

The desire for low emission vehicles in the used market has been on the rise throughout Q3 and looks set to continue into Q4 with several low and zero emission vehicles featuring in the top 25.

Meanwhile, the demand for premium SUVs and saloons remained strong, comprising 15 out of the top 25, with some nearly new models making more than their original list price.

Martin Potter, Aston Barclay’s managing director – customer said: ‘Our latest index highlights the growing desire for electric and hybrids in the used car market and despite prices far outweighing equivalent petrol and diesel cars.

‘It’s important that EVs and hybrids stamp their mark on the used market over the coming years as we transition towards 2030.’

Aston Barclay’s top ten most desirable cars

Toyota Prius

Desirability score: 7.5

Volvo XC40

Desirability score: 6.3

Audi Q7

Desirability score: 6.1

Mercedes GLE

Desirability score: 6.0

Jaguar XJ

Desirability score: 5.9

Audi A7

Desirability score: 5.5

Lexus NX

Desirability score: 5.5

Nissan Leaf

Desirability score: 5.5

Mercedes-Benz GLC parked in a layby

Mercedes GLC

Desirability score: 5.5

Nissan Qashqai+2

Desirability score: 5.4

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