Kia part of major industry investment in IonityKia part of major industry investment in Ionity


Kia joins forces with other Ionity shareholders to invest hundreds of millions more into charging network

  • Kia and fellow Ionity shareholders to plough another €700m into network
  • Number of ultra-fast 350kW charging points across Europe to rise from 1,500 to 7,000 by 2025
  • Charging sites in areas with high traffic levels to be upgraded
  • Expansion of fast-charging network seen as vital as internal combustion engines are phased out
  • Kia to offer 11 new EVs globally by 2026

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Kia has joined other investors in Ionity to plough another €700m into the ultra-fast EV charging network.

The investment – equivalent to some £587.4m – will go towards expanding the number of high-power charging points across the continent.

Ionity currently runs more than 400 ultra-fast 350kW charging stations, comprising 1,500 charging points along motorways in 24 countries.

However, the new investment will take the number of charging stations across Europe to 1,000, and will see the total number of charging points soaring to 7,000 by 2025.

As well as being placed at more strategically key locations along the European motorway network, they will also be installed along important trunk roads and near major cities.

Existing charging sites in areas with high traffic levels and facing increasing demand as a result will be upgraded as well, shortening overall charging and waiting times at the busiest of locations by a significant amount, said Kia.

In addition, Ionity will be buying more of its own properties and building and running its own service stations, depending on the location.

The Ionity network uses the European charging standard combined charging system, drawing on 100 per cent renewable energy.

Kia Europe president Jason Jeong said: ‘As we look towards the phasing-out of new internal combustion engine vehicles over the next 10 years, it is essential that drivers have access to an expansive and reliable fast-charging infrastructure.

‘Our further investment in Ionity will see a significant expansion of ultra-fast chargers across Europe that will support our vehicles’ high-voltage capabilities.

‘As a result, more drivers than ever will be able to charge their vehicles quickly and easily for a seamless EV experience.’

Kia has 11 new EVs in the pipeline globally by 2026, including seven dedicated BEV models.

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